Over-dyeing previously dyed goods

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Some of the paler shades may require a chemical bleaching process prior to dyeing to assist in obtaining an acceptable colour match. Be aware, this can cause slight degradation to the product. Stripping of colour is not always possible, as in the case of items such as:- Hook / eye pieces – Clasps and clips – Polyester- Shoulder straps – and other accessories.

Please ask for advice on the stripping of colour out of items. Also note that ‘optical bleach’ will not be removed by stripping. Please ensure that each dyeing provided is of the same manufacturers batch. If the dyeing needs to be reprocessed because of such a problem, it will be at the expense of the customer.

Over-dyeing previously dyed goods will reduce the performance of the product in relation to colour fastness, shrinkage and durability. Bulace will not be responsible for any claim against overdyed goods.