Green Cotton

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Green Cotton in The Colour of your Choosing

The Industry standard for the Dyeing of Cotton is to use Reactive Dyes, which are applied from a Dye bath containing up to 100 gm/litre of sodium Chloride (common Salt) plus smaller amounts of other Sodium containing chemicals, which has never Been considered a nasty dye bath, however this dye bath does require a large amount of dilution at the sewage treatment Works Before it can be put into our waterways which was manageable when we had an abundance of water to dilute with but the past few years have put quite a strain on the systems, this sodium salt cannot be destroyed and will remain in the Environment forever and as the water containing it evaporates the Salt remains in the soil which slowly destroys the waterways Or the farmland that uses it for irrigation.

In an effort to minimise this destruction of our environment we have discovered that a similar chemical can be used for the dyeing of cotton that does not contain Sodium, but Potassium, which is in fact a fertiliser That can be used by plants leaving minimal nasties in the soil.

We at BULACE DYEING have made a commitment to change to these Potassium containing chemicals wherever possible in an effort to minimise the impact we have on the environment, these chemicals are currently between 2 times and 3 times more expensive than their Sodium containing counterparts we will carry this extra cost for our normal price list dyeings but any Special Quotes for fabric dyeing will probably contain a “green surcharge” of approximately 15 cents per metre.

Any customer that is having their cotton dyed here could quite possible use the Green Cotton as an advertising lever.