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Over-dyeing previously dyed goods

Some of the paler shades may require a chemical bleaching process prior to dyeing to assist in obtaining an acceptable colour match. Read More >

Shade submissions

A shade submission is taken from the production dyeing and will be sent to the client for approval, before despatch of goods. Some clients prefer Read More >

Commission dyers & finishers specialising in dyeing and overdyeing most fabrics in smaller quantities. Our equipment has been modified to enable us to process dyeings as small as 50m and up to 500m on beam or jet. We can also dye as little as 1m of fabric or lace but professional finishing is limited on smaller dyeings.

We also dye and finish lace, elastic, ribbons & tape, either continuously, on beam, or hank. Dyeing methods for the above is dependant on quantity and starting shade. Hook & eye pieces and tape as well as bows & motifs are handled professionally, to achieve top quality & fastness.

We have been in this business since 1975, servicing the lingerie industry with their smaller dyeings of fabrics in all fashion shades and all the different components required to manufacture the many different types of lingerie.

Some of our long time regular clients include such famous brand names as:

  • LOVABLE and many more.

Situated in the highlands of central Victoria. We are only a little over one hour by car to the north west of Melbourne.

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.